Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Flowers

Jul 18, 2024 Erik Cocks

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Flowers Flowers do more than add beauty to our world. They support ecosystems, hold cultural significance, and boost economies.

Bee 3000 Adult T-Shirt

Jul 06, 2024 Erik Cocks

Imagine walking into a room and immediately feeling the buzz of admiration and curiosity. That’s the power of the Bee 3000 Adult T-Shirt. This isn’t just another piece of clothing—it’s an experience, a statement, and your new favorite shirt.

Vintage Buzz: Exploring Bee Themes in Retro Fashion

Jul 02, 2024 Erik Cocks

Bee themes in retro fashion have a special place. In this article, we’ll delve into their historical roots, showcase iconic bee-themed pieces, and share styling tips.

Buzzing with Knowledge Teaching Kids About Bees

Jun 28, 2024 Erik Cocks

Teaching Kids About Bees In today’s world, nature enthusiasts, educators, and parents are increasingly recognizing the importance of teaching kids about bees.

Bees in Egyptian Mythology: Buzzing Through Time - The Enchanting Legacy in History and Art

Jun 25, 2024 Erik Cocks

Did you know that bees were more than just honey-makers in ancient Egypt? These tiny creatures held a much larger significance, woven deeply into the fabric of Egypt’s cultural and historical tapestry. 

Plants That Attract Bees: How to Help Them Blossom in Your Back Yard

Jun 21, 2024 Erik Cocks

Plants That Attract Bees: How to Help Them Blossom in Your Back Yard In recent years, the plight of bees has become a hot topic for environmentalists, gardeners, and anyone concerned about the health of our planet. Bees play a crucial role in pollinating many of the crops we rely on for food, not to mention the flowers

Beyond Black and Yellow: The Fascinating World of Bee Coloration

Jun 18, 2024 Erik Cocks

When we think of bees, the classic image that comes to mind is often their iconic black and yellow stripes. However, the world of bees is a kaleidoscope of colors, with species flaunting hues ranging from gentle blues and greens to vibrant oranges and reds.

How Does a Bee Hive Work and Why They Are Cool?

Jun 11, 2024 Erik Cocks

Bee hives are fascinating structures, teeming with life and buzzing with activity. These industrious little homes are not just crucial for bees but play a vital role in our environment as well. 

Best Bee-Themed Gifts: Perfect for Nature Lovers

Jan 19, 2024 Erik Cocks

With a whole host of bee-themed gifts available, choosing the perfect one can be a delightful task. Consider the recipient's preferences and the occasion, whether it's for a bee day celebration or just a thoughtful surprise.

Exploring Bee and Nature Connection: An Overview

Jan 09, 2024 Erik Cocks

Bees are fascinating creatures that play a critical role in our ecosystem. They are responsible for pollinating most of the plants we rely on for food and other essentials. In this blog, we will provide an overview of the bee ecosystem, including their importance in ecosystems, their role in pollination, and how they benefit nature.

Beekeeping Quotes Gifts: Unique Presents for Bee Lovers

Jan 02, 2024 Erik Cocks

Are you looking for a unique gift for the bee lover in your life? In this blog, we will explore the significance of beekeeping quotes and how they inspire design. 

Honeycomb Aesthetic Graphic T-Shirts for Bee Lovers

Dec 22, 2023 Erik Cocks

If you're a bee lover looking for the perfect honeycomb aesthetic graphic tee, this is a must read for you! In this post, we explore the significance of honeycomb and bee aesthetics in fashion.

Funny Bee Pun Tees: The Latest Buzz in Fashion

Dec 20, 2023 Erik Cocks

Looking for a unique addition to your wardrobe that is both trendy and humorous? Look no further than the latest buzz in fashion – bee pun tees! These amusing t-shirts are gaining popularity due to their blend of comedy and style. 

Beekeeper T-Shirts: Essential Gear for Enthusiasts

Dec 12, 2023 Erik Cocks

Beekeeping is a unique and essential profession that often goes unnoticed. Beekeepers work tirelessly to ensure the health and well-being of our beloved bees, who play a crucial role in pollinating crops and sustaining our planet's ecosystem. In recent years, beekeeper-themed t-shirts have become increasingly popular, providing enthusiasts with a unique way to show their support for these unsung heroes.

Buzzing with Joy: Why Bee-Themed Gifts Are the Perfect Choice

Dec 08, 2023 Erik Cocks

Bees are not only vital to the environment and our food supply, but they also symbolize some of life's most cherished values: hard work, collaboration, and the sweetness of life. So, it's no surprise that bee-themed gifts are buzzing with popularity, offering a unique and meaningful way to show someone you care.

Promoting Nature Conservation through Fashion

Nov 17, 2023 Erik Cocks

The fashion industry is often associated with fast-paced trends and consumerism, but there is a growing movement towards using fashion as a tool for promoting nature conservation. From utilizing sustainable materials to designing with environmental messaging in mind, fashion can play an important role in raising awareness about conservation issues.

Wildlife Conservation: Preserving Our Ecosystem

Nov 10, 2023 Erik Cocks

The earth's biodiversity is a precious resource, and it's under threat. Wildlife conservation plays a crucial role in preserving our ecosystem and protecting the delicate balance of nature. 

Presents for Naturalists: Unique Gift Ideas For All Ages

Nov 07, 2023 Erik Cocks

Gift giving for naturalists can be tricky. They are a unique bunch with a deep appreciation for nature and all its wonders. If you're looking to give them something special, you want to make sure it aligns with their values and interests.

Bee-lieve It or Not: Why Are Bees Important?

Nov 03, 2023 Erik Cocks

These crucial pollinators for food crops and wildflowers play a vital role in maintaining productive ecosystems.

Nature Themed Gifts: Inspiring Presents for Nature Lovers

Oct 28, 2023 Erik Cocks

If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves nature, you're got plenty of options! Nature-themed gifts are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason.

Buzz-worthy Gifts for Beekeepers: Unique Ideas

Oct 26, 2023 Erik Cocks

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the beekeeper or bee enthusiast in your life? There are unique and practical bee-themed gift ideas that are sure to delight any bee lover. 

Bee Conservation: The Essential Role of Beekeepers

Oct 20, 2023 Erik Cocks

Beekeepers are unsung heroes in the fight for bee conservation. Their dedication, knowledge, and passion not only ensure the survival of bees but also contribute significantly to the health of our ecosystems.

Benefits of Honey for People and Importance of Saving the Bee Population and Other Conservation Efforts

Oct 13, 2023 Erik Cocks

The incredible benefits of honey and the indispensable role of bees underscore the profound interconnectedness of life on Earth. The well-being of bees and the bounty they offer is a reflection of the health of our planet. Our future hinges on the choices we make today. Conservation isn't just an abstract concept—it's a lifeline, ensuring a balanced, thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

Buzzing With Style: How Bee-Oriented T-Shirts and Tote Bags Elevate Fashion While Raising Bee Conservation Awareness

Oct 06, 2023 Erik Cocks

Bees, those tiny, buzzing creatures, play an unparalleled role in our ecosystem. But in recent years, their numbers have been declining at an alarming rate, pushing us to raise awareness about their conservation. What better way to spread the message and make a statement than with our fashion choices? Enter the trend of bee-oriented t-shirts and tote bags: a blend of style and sustainability that’s gaining traction in the fashion world.

Making Honey Slime(s)

Sep 29, 2023 Kinda Zennish

The Poetry of Leaves and the Plight of Bees: Nature’s Symphony in Peril

Sep 29, 2023 Erik Cocks

The canvas of the American landscape undergoes a dramatic transformation each autumn. Shades of vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows paint forests, hills, and urban parks, evoking sentiments of nostalgia, transience, and beauty. To the average observer, this is nature's way of providing a visual spectacle. However, delve deeper, and this seasonal shift reveals a tale that is intricately linked to the buzzing world of bees and the broader theme of conservation.

World Car-Free Day 2023

Sep 22, 2023 Kinda Zennish

World Car-Free Day 2023 is September 22nd! How can driving less help bees, and what can you do?

T-Shirts: A Canvas for Positive Environmental Messages and Bee Conservation

Sep 20, 2023 Erik Cocks

How t-shirts are being used to spread positive messages about environmental conservation and bee conservation. 

The Positive Symbolism of Bees: Nature's Unsung Heroes

Sep 19, 2023 Erik Cocks

Beyond their sometimes-intimidating exterior, bees hold a remarkable place in our world, both ecologically and symbolically.

Nurturing Future Stewards: Why Teaching Children About Protecting Bees and Ecological Conservation is Essential

Sep 12, 2023 Erik Cocks

In today's rapidly changing world, where environmental challenges are on the rise, it's crucial to instill in our children a sense of responsibility and awareness when it comes to ecological conservation.

Bee-lieve in Change: How Supporting Beekeeping Helps Environmental Conservation

Sep 05, 2023 Erik Cocks

In our bustling world, where climate change and environmental degradation have become pressing concerns, it's heartwarming to know that we can make a difference by supporting a tiny, yet incredibly impactful creature: the honeybee.

Grandparent’s Day 2023

Sep 01, 2023 Kinda Zennish

Grandparents Day in 2023 is September 10th!

Recipe for Bee's Knees

Aug 29, 2023 Kinda Zennish

Like gin? How about honey? If you answered yes and yes then you have to try a Bee's Knees!

Buzzing Trends: The Influence of Bees on Fashion Throughout History

Aug 23, 2023 Erik Cocks

When we think of the world of fashion, our minds often conjure up images of glamorous runways, iconic designers, and ever-evolving trends. However, there's a small yet essential creature that has significantly impacted the realm of style throughout history: the bee.

Five Ways to Celebrate World Honey Bee Day

Aug 19, 2023 Kinda Zennish

World Honey Bee Day started in 2009 to raise awareness about the benefits of bees to society and agriculture. What can you do to celebrate this holiday? Well. I’m glad you asked, because I have a few suggestions!

Planting for the Bees: The Best Types of Flowers and Herbs to Attract Pollinators

May 27, 2023 Erik Cocks

We love taking photos of bees, creating bee art, and designing bee-related clothing! However, we rely on our subjects, the bees, to be around and ready to help us make beautiful art. We want to share the wonderful world of pollinators and their importance in sustaining life on Earth.

Where We find Bees To Photograph

May 09, 2023 Erik Cocks

We love photographing nature's smallest creatures. Bees are not only essential pollinators, but they also make fascinating subjects for us to create art from. But where do we find these busy bees? 

Bee Art For Kids

May 01, 2023 Erik Cocks

The Bee T-Shirt Story

Dec 30, 2022 Erik Cocks

As I walked through the flowing field of flowers and bees, I wondered how i might be able to support pollinators. Then I remembered i was already wearing a bee-themed t-shirt from That Bee Place.

Buy Bee Art to Support Pollinators in the US

Dec 08, 2022 Erik Cocks

Buy Bee Art to Support Pollinators in the US When you buy bee art, you're supporting the lives of pollinators and helping to save the bee population. This article will tell you how this art supports pollinators, where you can buy it, and why we need bees in the first place. 

Fine Art Acrylic Prints are Great Gifts & Save Bees!

Nov 18, 2022 Erik Cocks

If you've thought about a great gift for the bee lover in your life, a fine art acrylic print is just the gift. 

Leave the Leaves conservation t-shirt

Nov 17, 2022 Erik Cocks

Your perfect t-shirt for the fall season! This bee-themed t-shirt features the phrase leave the leaves. This phrase refers to not raking up all your leaves so the ground bees have places to be safe when it gets colder.

The Case for Re-Usable Shopping Bags

Nov 08, 2022 Erik Cocks

Re-usable bags like bee-themed totes are becoming the norm in many areas over plastic bags for grocery shopping and carrying shopping items.

Conservation T-Shirts for Toddlers

Nov 04, 2022 Erik Cocks

This great conservation-themed t-shirt is perfect for toddlers or a gift for your grandkids, nieces or nephews!